just believe in yourself

amamae ...
i'm just a normal human like you ... i write fanfic just for fun, i make fun just the way i am ... but i wanna share those fun for everyone,
Saa let's have fun together from now on !!! :D
I’m amamae or I should say we’re ama and mae^___^
Yep who’s speaking here is ama
And my “twin” is mae
Soshite we become amamae
Well, I don’t wanna fuss around. Amamae love Hey! Say! JUMP. Ama love Inoo-chan while Mae’s ichiban is Yama-chan :D.
Our OTP is Inoobu. “They’re cute together” Mae said.
Umm our character is cheerful XDDD well actually we support each other. Mae is terribly yasashi ne. I am?? Well, how can I say … I’m special at least for my self XDD
We’re now a University student^^ at the same Uni it’s Gadjah Mada University. Mae takes Japanese literature and I take Industrial Engineering.
Oh! We were born at the same year and month mae is 10 days older than me 16th Nov and 26th Nov. We decided to write our birth date here on 9th May. No, we didn’t mean anything. It’s just that we were confused who’s birth date would be written. So I'll be happy if you greet us at Yamachan's birthday^^ ... oh recently mae changed it to Inoo's birthdate "no particular reason" she said ... well, doesn't matter
Uhn, I also LOVE soccer and my fav club is just the same as Yabu, AC Milan. Fav player is Kaka now he already moved to Madrid. But it doesn’t matter yo since I still can see him playing well and score goals. *UPDATED: Kaka comes back to Milan!
I love make friends so feel free to add me here or comment on my journal. Hope we can be a good friend. Let’s flail together na XDDD


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