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22 April 2019 @ 07:37 pm

name: ama / mae from Yogyakarta, Indonesia
currently in Jakarta
current interest: Hey! Say! JUMP
other interest: comics, novels, movies, sports
for details, please go to my profile page :)

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mood: cheerfulcheerful
27 July 2015 @ 07:59 am
-Here is my fanfiction list-
Comments are LOVED
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16 November 2013 @ 10:27 pm
First of all, I don't know when will you read this.
It is that my not-very-smart-phone is under it's reliability function that I didn't write to you by text/any chatting apps. *and I'm too lazy to open those social media using my PC*

So, November 16th.
Look at that old userpic! More than four years has passed since that picture we took. We rarely see each other or have random talk like use to be. You have achieved a lot since then, Mae. I don't know particular detail but that positive traits you have, are never fading :D
Now that I look years back, I think we had so much fun doing fanfic and other fangirling stuffs. I don't have any regret at all, or well maybe there is some? For example I've never been looks so cool (?) *ignore this*
To my beloved "twin sister",
I might be not that great as a person, failed a lot. I even lose to Inoo haha
But lemme wish a wonderful birthday to you. I hope you'll be able to achieve what you reach ^_^
Stay healthy, stay beautiful, stay strong! XD
02 September 2013 @ 10:40 am
It's September already, well August seized my time and energy :D
No, not that I dislike it. It was really fun to organize my university summer school. I get the chance to meet participants from ten different countries :)
So here, I'm back to my daily life doing my thesis >.<
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13 October 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Title: Devotion
Author: amamae
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yabuhikanoo

He was peeking through the window of my class which welcomed by a bright smile of mine. Soon my smile was disappearing as I examined his looks. He was all sweaty with dusty shirt and untied shoes.

"Are you alright?" I asked.
"No problem. I heard you need your notes back, so I rushed here. It's hot outside. Glad you're here." He talked while trying to take the notes from his bag.
I remained silent. I was about to open my mouth when he abrubtly took his leave with short goodbye.

Yabu. I think I grow to love him more. It's not either by his good looking or his popularity. I do love him that's all. His tender heart has been well known, I know. His high grade will not be qustioned anymore, I'm aware. But on top of that, he always listen to me, every problem, story, and even rants. I only want him to know that he's loved the way he is, sincerely.
I go overboard thinking that my feeling just right. My attention to him seems unnecessary and make him feel uneasy.

"Sure doing fine, huh?"
"You looks awful"
"When? Did you see me?"
"Well, yesterday? not sure either."
"Nothing happened. Ah, I see. It was truly the weather, you'd probably looks awful as well if you're going outside." 
"Good, then."

I'm blinded by my own feeling. I knew just now, he never put any certain concern while I'm worrying him. He never told me his true feeling in exchange of listening to my talk. That's because he has put those effort on someone else. 

"Did you caught cold, Hikaru? I saw you today. And you were so pale." That's the text he sent to my best friend.

Someone he's fully aware to be my best friend. It was when I worried him, he's worrying someone else. How come I didn't notice his expression. A glimpse of sad smile he gave me sometimes, it bears the burden of his true feeling.

I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about seizing the light of my precious sun: he hates my feeling and I hate hurting him.
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